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    THROW IN THE DAMNED TOWEL Archived Message

    Posted by elcooksta on October 5, 2018, 7:14 am


    Let me preface this with I am the biggest shit pot stirrer of em all, but man..is it time to put up the spoon.

    You can verify my posting history here, my opinion has ebbed and flowed with better information.

    And all of this is just that...my unwashed hoosier opinion.

    I really think it is time we stopped and took a breath, and really thought about what we are doing here.

    We are letting emotions drive conversations that should be driven by logic, reason, and willingness to compromise for the better of the "whole".

    I am STILL a PROUD liberal, and want many of the values that so many folks "on the left" want.

    NOTHING about that has changed regarding my philosophy (some of you agreeing with me over the last few months are some of the same people who disagreed with me a few years ago), but what has changed is my perceived "best way to see that philosophy fleshed out in real life."

    And that is LIBERTY.

    LIBERTY is the BEST path, in my opinion, to achieving liberal values.


    Because look who would be controlling the overly strong central power, were we to have one (which is a platform of the "left", right wrong or indifferent).... They are morons and scheisters for the most part.

    They don't represent YOU, no matter what (*) is after their name. They represent THEM.

    Now, you folks may not like Trump...hell, I even "WTF" sometimes... but I also have learned to not give credence to the "micro" (the noise)....that is (if you pay attention) a tactic of Trump.

    "Look at this shiny thing." (dumb thing he says) while we get the lowest unemployment (or close to) across ALL groups.

    "Look at this shiny thing" (dumb thing he says)...the global logistics chains starts to get reformed to remove power from China (who was JUST caught sabotaging the manufacturing process and putting spy chips on our electronics...that is HUGE, and if you haven't seen it...go read NOW (and then go see who had a Chinese spy drive for them for 20 years..the more you know)).

    Back to my point.

    LIBERTY is the best path because it is about individual choice within the collective as I see it (could be wrong, opinion is changeable with better evidence)....

    The choice to choose AND accept the consequences of your choice.

    I used to think that softening those consequences was an "ok" thing, not any more. Consequences (good or bad) MUST accompany actions or people will never get better (again, just my opinion).

    So, I am saying "THROW THE DAMNED TOWEL"...

    We gotta take a step back and breath and stop letting our emotions get controlled (I am just as guilty as everyone else, I am no Saint).

    We all think different and that is ok... no one's philosophy is better than the other (in general..there are some pretty dumb ones out there on all parts of the sphere).

    But we can think different and create an idea birthed in compromise..... and we should...or I fear it is only going to get worse.

    Just my thoughts.....

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