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    Posted by GLW on September 28, 2018, 2:58 am, in reply to "Re: Mrs. GLW"

    Thanks for all of the nice thoughts from all at GraniteCityGossip...and yes, I have begun to heal a little bit...and I did see Nettie's obituary that was placed here on our site.

    Nettie was a twin...and her twin sister passed away on September 25, 2018...I had often wondered, which twin would go first...it is not easy with these thoughts but anyway, they were answered in 2016 when her twin died of cancer.

    Janet & Don Stock lived next door to us on Edwards Street...and I was called next door to the Stocks when Janet died. When I returned home to tell my wife (Jeanette)of the passing of Janet...she said that she already knew of this because her twin had visited with her and said that they would talk in heaven...so there is no doubt in my mind that both had this little talk and both are in heaven this very moment.

    I did purchase the cemetery plots next to Don & Janet Stock and I do have the gravestone ordered with a smaller stone that will say "TWINS THE VOLNER SISTERS" with a photo of both taken (together) a couple of years ago. At St. Johns Cemetery on Maryville road, the girls are together and Don & I will be at the ends when our time comes.

    Again, thanks for all of the nice comments about Nettie...between the tears and our cat, this is most difficult to place into words...but I have done this as a reply to all that replied to roadwaydriver59's post on a good wife...and a great lady...who died 50 years ago and came back to me when our daughter was born...Nettie, I love you hon...again, thanks for the nice comments.


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