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    Weekly MLB picks & projections. Archived Message

    Posted by GCAI on September 11, 2018, 6:11 pm

    Ok here we go with another one. What do I see,& remember these are my picks & no one else. This how I see it. (*=winner)

    NL Wild Card- STL* @ MIL
    AL Wild Card- OAK @ NYY*

    WC)STL*/1)CHC STL in 5
    2)ATL*/3)COL ATL in 4

    WC)NYY/1)BOS* BOS in 5
    2)HOU/3)CLE HOU in 4

    STL/ATL* ATL in 7

    HOU*/BOS BOS in 6

    ATL/HOU*(HOU will host games 1,2,6 & 7)HOU in 7

    That is it for this week. Do agree with me or disagree with me. Comment as you see fit.

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