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    Posted by Transparency on August 21, 2018, 9:22 pm, in reply to "Re: actually"

    I am holding no grudge regarding anything to do with my school years, my senior year or school period. What my problem is, is whether elcooksta acknowledges it or not, many other towns consider Granite City to be garbage. An Edwardsville sports team SPAT at our players a few years back. The comments on all the news articles about this situation are embarrassing. "What do you expect, it's Granite City.", "East side girls keeping up their reputation." And those are mild compared to a lot of them.

    This intentional classless act has went nationwide. Don't believe me, Google it. This story is sitting on-line in every major market and hundreds of smaller market media websites across this entire country. Way to represent.

    This is not a uniform issue, it's an issue of NOT WEARING THE ENTIRE GCHS DANCE UNIFORM! You don't forget to wear the bottoms of your uniform, YOU CHOOSE NOT TO WEAR THE BOTTOMS OF YOUR UNIFORM. Then you choose to have your friend take suggestive pictures of what that costume was intended to keep covered. And you choose to post the pictures on-line. They were representing our city in this video, whether it was a promotional video or not, is immaterial, they were representing our town and our school district.

    Instead of dealing with another black mark being scrawled across our city's name, people are making the most bizarre excuses I have ever seen. "When you freeze frame a video, you never know what you are going to get.", "The photographer intentionally shot this in an upward angle." (Ya, think?) IT WAS NOT A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER THAT TOOK THIS PICTURE! They were taking them of each other! My personal favorite, "Some girl mad over getting in trouble over wearing torn jeans stole this picture and started sharing it." STOLE IT FROM WHERE?????? It had been posted or shared by one or more of the dance team members! If they hadn't put it out there, no one could have gotten it.

    Is this the end of the world? No, it's not. But at least one of the girls is well known to many municipally employed people in this town. So everyone who is anyone is doing their damnedest to not deal with it, but to cover it up, make excuses for it. I think that's bullshit. Heaven forbid anyone be held accountable or learn a lesson from this, that would make too much common sense.

    With the school scandals over the last decade, the issues the GCPD has been forced to deal with, and the mayor and his hired dunces selectively enforcing compliance laws, allowing slumlords to practically own sixty percent of our town...I AM SICK TO MY STOMACH with what this town has become from what it used to be.

    Enough is enough. If the latest generation of adults, politicians, politically connected and those in charge in this town don't give a damn about maintaining and improving our town, what are the chances they are teaching their own kids to give a damn. Making excuses for them, and SELECTIVE enforcement of existing school policies and rules, I'm pretty confident that this once fine town is doomed.

    The "special" Board of Education meeting scheduled for tonight to deal with this has now been canceled. Once again, another instance of "Let's not deal with nor correct this situation, let's just ride it out and hopefully people will shut their mouths and it will be forgotten about."

    We need new leadership people, on every level, who will hold everyone mentioned above to a higher standard. I have read over and over about how people are mad about the attention this has gathered, proclaiming "We are better than this. Let it go, it could be worse." Translating to no one should be upset by it, or concerned with it, quit taking about it. It's PRECISELY this ATTITUDE than has neighboring communities constantly insulting us and keeping our population in constant decline.

    Elcooksta, I don't consider this town a cesspool either. I consider that we are on the precipice of it becoming a cesspool. I've heard you are interested in becoming involved in local government some day, if you don't find the current state of our community disturbing, I don't know what it would take to make you worry.

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