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    School starting August 8th? Archived Message

    Posted by whatusay on July 12, 2018, 7:17 pm

    What the heck? Granite City schools' first day back after summer break is August 8th??? And now the Wilson Park pool will close on August 6th? What happened to closing after Labor Day?

    Who generates the school calendar? When my children were in school, we historically took our vacation the second and third week of August every year.

    Were the parents warned not to make any travel plans for their families because school was starting so early? If I had plans, prepaid plane tickets or resort reservations...my kids would not be sitting in school that first week. Nor would they be riding an "oven on wheels" (un-air conditioned bus) for an hour and a half while the district and bus drivers try to figure out the routes for the first three weeks. And no, I'm not exaggerating. I personally know of one child who was last to be dropped off of the bus after school last year, but whose house was passed first on the route. That makes no sense.

    This ridiculously early end to summer break has been put into place to benefit someone, somewhere in the district. I'd like to know who.

    Attendance Centers, abolishing uniforms and an early return to school, has this bumped the numbers upward for the district's report card?

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