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    Posted by Wally Bunker on July 9, 2018, 4:24 pm

    One of the most contentious political issues over the next several months will be President Donald Trumpís Supreme Court nominee and the fight for Republicans to confirm that person before the midterm elections this November.
    College Reformís Cabot Phillips recently asked students at New York University about Trumpís Supreme Court nominee, where the students offered up strong opinions ó despite the fact that Trump has yet to announce who it is.
    What did the students say?
    ďHeís quite, you know, extreme in his views, and I donít know if it would make the Supreme Court very even.Ē
    ďI just saw the pick, and I was like, like, itís almost at a point where you kind of expect that itís not gonna be what you want.Ē
    ďI see it all over the news that heís, heís like, uh, racist and s**t.Ē
    ďI think this nominee is very racist and itís starting a new wave of something very negative. And Iím very scared about what will happen in the future.Ē
    This is why I constantly tell conservatives, do not ever take anything for granted. This is precisely why the MSM and academia work 24/7 in order to mold the mind of the sheep. They use evry avenue they have to push the socialist agenda, they dont even try to disguise it that much anymore. I never underestimate the left wing and what they are capable of. Those that do so are just being foolish. These programed robots can still be a factor.

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