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    Posted by kegler75 on June 25, 2018, 4:15 pm, in reply to "Re: Blues News."

    The reason number 99 left was not the team or the city, it was Keenan. Gretzky's good friend, Brett told him not to come to the Blues because he and Keenan would not get along. As much as I despise Bettman, it is stupid to say he is the reason we have not won a cup. The Blues have had their chances and have flat out blown it. However, that being said, Armstrong is a useless piece of crap and needs to be immediately fired. He is the reason the Blues are currently failing. He extended contracts to Berglund, Steen and a couple others that are in the twilight of their career or just plain suck. They were signed because it was an easy contract to negotiate. Armstrong always looks for the easy way out. Until we lose Armstrong & Yeo, and sign a decent GM (MacInnis or Broduer) and sign a coach that can lead a team through the tough playoff schedule, the Blues will not see a cup. I have been a Blues fan since 1967 and will remain a Blues fan, but until management changes, neither will the cupless situation.

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