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    Did Greenwald Set Precedent / Perk for Future Teachers at GCSH Archived Message

    Posted by Transparency on June 22, 2018, 5:57 pm, in reply to "Another Sex Scandal at GCHS?"

    Granite City teacher resigns after rumors of affair with recent student graduate surface
    Posted: Jun 22, 2018 5:07 PM CDT

    By Nicole Sanders

    The Granite City School Board is meeting Friday to accept the resignation of a male teacher accused of having sex with a recent graduate.
    GRANITE CITY, Ill. (KMOV.com)

    The school district has not released the name of the teacher or student involved but the superintendent told News 4 that he enforced law enforcement about the incident.

    No charges are expected to be filed since the student was 18 years old and the affair was allegedly consensual.

    “We basically found that this was not a criminal situation based on information that we gathered,” said Granite City Superintendent Jim Greenwald.

    After rumors of the affair surfaced, the teacher turned his resignation letter in on Wednesday.

    If you are a teacher at GCHS and you want to have sex with your eighteen year old student, it is not a criminal act? So will this go into the teachers' negotiated union contract
    in the future? Is it already in there somewhere among the fine print?

    Should this be included in the Student Handbook?

    Will we see this in the FAQ section of the GCHS Student Handbook next year?

    Can I pork one of my teachers while they are employed, and I am a student, at Granite City High School without getting in trouble?

    Good question! Of course you can as long as you are eighteen years old and you both agree to the porking.

    Transparency is the name, throwing it all out there is the game.

    Does it look like there was some form of "criminal behavior" occurring?

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