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    Posted by Wally Bunker on May 30, 2018, 1:07 pm, in reply to "Re: Public education "

    I wont address your evry concern, because I just dont care enough about what you think. You should think that way about me also and it might save you a few headaches.
    David Hogg the son of an activist mother thinks he is above the fray because he was a building over from a mass shooting. Do not question David, hes the MSM new darling. He has been given a forum that no other student has, because his thoughts are in line with the NEA the DNC and all other anti gun lobbies. He says his generation will start a revolution, while some say his generation cant even start a lawn mower. Although the MSM would have you believe that all the students think one way on the gun issue and that the NRA is responsible for the shootings, most know that is BS, but they are silenced, and damn sure are almost never given a forum. If you want to get a good grade, you better not buck the system.
    Sorry you dont like my comments Gary, I really am, but I cant fix that for you. I stayed off of here as far as political posts for a long while, but sometimes I just cant help myself. Now you hurt my feelings and I may have to sulk awhile again, and thats on you. I never thought of having sources of evrything I post on here, sometimes you just dont have sources. Somethings you just remember things, just like Lenin quotes. When i was in school my teacher went on and on about Lenin. For 20 minutes I thought he was talking about he Beatles member. Let me know when GSG says that sources are needed for this forum, I will do my best to comply at that point. Then we will get into the, those are not acceptable sources game which we have all been through im sure. MAGA, isnt that really what this is all about??? Of course it is. I get it, I suffered through 8 years of the last guy, it sucks, thats just the way it goes.

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