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    Posted by Lorri & Katy on April 25, 2018, 9:46 pm, in reply to "obituaries"

    You might try refreshing your browser if you are not seeing updated obituary information. If you are not knowledgable in this process, we will be happy to instruct you if you like. Just send us a private message.

    Then please consider, the mortuary may not release the obituary if for example, someone passes away on April 10, 2018 but their service is not scheduled until May 4, 2018. Or in many cases, the obituaries aren't timely (near to the date of death) because there are no services or the services are private and they have been instructed to delay the obituary itself.

    We cannot post the obituaries until they are released, and we make every attempt to update as soon as possible. But again, a lot depends on the mortuary and the wishes from the family of the deceased or if your device is displaying out of date cached information, which would require you to refresh whatever browser you are using.

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