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    Is Trump caving from the gangland tactics? Archived Message

    Posted by Wally Bunker on March 1, 2018, 3:50 pm

    One horrendous trait that 99% of Republicans have that Democrats do not is the willingness to capitulate in order to seek some imaginary coexistence. Trump was bending over right and left today on gun control issues to the point where some believe Dianne Feinstein may have had her first orgasm in 50 years.
    Giving in to the Democrat agenda is never a good idea, no matter what slimy low life tactics they may use. He perhaps does not understand that he will lose support and even though the dark side may glad hand him today, they will never ever ever ever ever stop trying to take him down. He won a fixed election, that was fixed against him, and for that alone, he can never be forgiven.
    He can forget about it, if he thinks for even one second he will be given an ounce of credit for caving to their demands. These people dont give a damn about dead students or dead anything else, they care about themselves and their sick agenda. And no matter what the NEA and the teachers unions will continue to resist him at evry possible juncture. So UNLESS this is some kind of game he is playing, Trump is effing up on this one big time.Hes tossing out things the leftists havent even demanded yet.
    Trump may learn the hard way that Republicans dont just march in lockstep with whatever a Republican president says and does. That distinction goes to the other side.

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