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    How will the Supreme Court vote, this is Important. Archived Message

    Posted by Wally Bunker on February 22, 2018, 9:48 am

    Even FDR was opposed to public sector unions. Wow I bet you people didnt see that one coming, but it is true. Public sector unions are designed to skew the electoral process in an unhealthy way. Public sector Gubment unions exert massive influence during elections. If you want to get elected in many towns and cities you kowtow to the public service unions. You get elected you are expected to vote for labor contracts that are ludicrous in their pay scales and benefits. You are basically just being pimped out. Great for the public employee but not so good for the taxpayers that foot the bill. Little wonder why cities like Stockton, California went bankrupt, and let us not forget the fiscal train wreck that is Illinois.

    It used to be Public sector unions took less money then the private sector but got better benefits. Now they get better money compared to the private sector in most fields and much better benefits. The math just does not work. Cities all over the country are running massive deficits and badly underfunded retirement plans.
    I find FDR the one single president that was worse than even Obama. Who knows how he got there, but he was right about public sector unions. Im sure his reasons were self serving, but oh well.
    The Democrats have 4 for sure Supreme Court votes, the Cons have to run the table to win out 5 to 4. Its not a slam dunk. Will the DNC coffers get a transfusion or not? I wont be surprised either way.

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