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    Re: Poster boy of deceit gets punked by Russian radio guys. Archived Message

    Posted by Wally Bunker on February 18, 2018, 5:46 pm, in reply to "Poster boy of deceit gets punked by Russian radio guys."

    A cursory examination of some of the FB posts put out by Russian front operations revealed just how amateurish and ineffective was this effort to create the intended discord in our electorate. Obama perhaps should have listened to Romney.The MSM and the Democrats did a far better job in fomenting hatred and division with their fake news. The Left played right into Russian hands and used this predictable and amateurish plot blowing it out of proportion, suggesting at times that this was an act of war. But even worse, the leftists took it a step further and tried to rationalize the Clinton loss blaming Trump and his colluding with the Russians enabling the upset victory. And the loons persist even after being confronted with reality. Reality is that this was a benign and amateurish but predictable trolling operation conducted by the Russians with the primary purpose of fomenting discord in our country.
    Obama and his regime did much worse trying to take out Netanyahu in Israel. The Russians had zero influence in affecting the election and indeed that was not even their primary purpose, but the Dems had to run with it, and they had the MSM foaming at the mouth ready to help. Moreover, there was NEVER any evidence of collusion by Trump with the Russians to do this imagined impossible job of influencing the outcome of our election. The left forced a costly investigation on absolutely no evidence of any wrongdoing by Trump. Zero, Zip, Notta, and they knew it. What the Democrats in concert with the MSM did in my view is far more criminal than what the Russians did. Our democracy and Trump are the victims. The Left has brought the people's agenda to a grinding halt as they effected war upon this president and his agenda. They and their supporters of this imaginary collusion plot are the actual enemies of America. And to this day, they wont even acknowledge their sins let alone show any remorse. Anti-American criminals!!! Fusion One Biatches....

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