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    When will the Obamas just go away? Archived Message

    Posted by Wally Bunker on February 13, 2018, 7:35 pm

    I wonder what the media reaction would be if Donald Trump had his portrait painted by an artist who in the past painted images of white women holding beheaded black womens heads in their hand? Just a guess, but id bet it would create quite the firestorm that would go on for months. I just don't believe the artistic value of such a creation would be well received by Morning Joe and Mika. For once the MSM would be right.
    Meanwhile Kehinde Wiley, the artist chosen by Barry Obama to paint his portrait actually does have a history of drawing black people, usually women, holding white womens decapitated heads. Its a non story, very few people even know about it.(Funny how that works isn't it?) To show his versatility, Wiley has also delved into painting religious motifs of black men as Jesus, or Black men showing gang signs while they hold biblical texts. Black Jesus is hardly anything new, but the gang signs are a new twist, the new norm i suppose. I don't find any of this particularly surprising, its pretty much what i would expect from the Obamas. Its a shame another Democrat artist, John Wayne Gacy isn't still around to cook something up for 44. Now that would be something to see i bet. Gacy loved painting clowns, it would have been perfect.
    All the past presidents just had a portrait painted and was done with it, but not Barrack Hussein Obama or his wife. Michelles portrait looks like it came in third place at a Jr. High School art competition and looks nothing like her, but other than that i guess it could have been worse.
    This isn't about the Obamas portrait or even the whack job chosen to paint it, its about how things are covered by the MSM, the double standard.

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