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    Chucky just wants little deal on DACA Archived Message

    Posted by Wally Bunker on February 12, 2018, 5:36 pm

    Chucky Schumer thinks its best just to cut a little deal on DACA, just the part where we let as many new Democrat voters as possible stay in the country. No need to shelve chain migration, the migration lottery, or any other gimmicks designed to let every Tom, Dick and Jose have unblocked entry into the country. Just take the illegal DACA, put it on steroids and get out of the way is Chucks solution. Trump IMO was too generous with his plan of allowing 1.8 million dreamers to stay, but i could live with it as long as we finally got some measure of border security. This is where the Democrats get off, as thy want nothing short of open borders.
    If Trump said let everybody in, carte blanche but they can never have the right to vote, the Democrats would turn that down in a half second. The goal is to import as many new dependent Democrat voters as possible to replace the older voters that they once cherished but now ignore. It was brilliant thinking as they figured out that younger voters have more election cycles remaining in their lives than old folks. With these people it is always always always about furthering the leftist political agenda.
    If a majority of the ILLEGALS coming into this country were conservative, blonde headed and blue eyed, the fence the Democrats would have built would have been visible from Mars.

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