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    Steven Ruhl, on Mayor Pagano Archived Message

    Posted by Bill on February 11, 2018, 1:11 am

    Steven Ruhl shared Mayor Mike Pagano's post.
    Admin · · 3 hrs
    Mayor has a problem with English. Replace all references to 'sited with 'cited' as in citation.

    Mayor Mike Pagano
    10 hrs
    Here's a little update on what's going on in Pontoon Beach!
    Let's start with Leroys market. The Village is getting ready to start condemnation process to get L...eroys tore down. The owner has been given ample time to fix the issues that he was sited for. The old Mexicana will be the same. We will be starting the condemnation process on the building soon. The Villages plan was to sell the bank of Edwardsville( which we have acquired) and purchase the Mexicana to extend our park with the possibilities of a splash pad in the future. We still plan on this as soon as this bank sells! The bank will be in the newspaper soon and will be up for bid. We have sited Oakmont apartments for numerous violations and have found out that the whole complex is sold! The new owners will repair and fix up the property per our ordinances as soon as they take over. We plan on meeting with the new owners soon! This is one of my pet peeves. We want these properties repaired close to the condition they were back in the 70s when they were built. The Village will be demoing 2 properties. 1 is #30 Victoria and the other is #7 Georgetown. This will happen in the next two weeks! The Village has also applied for a pep Grant for our new park! The park will be located next to the Fire Department and across Kaseyberg next to the lake. There will be a Pavilion, BBQ pits, a overlook on the lake, benches, tables, parking and new rip rapped bank! Also Speedway fuel stations are looking to build a new service station on the Bel Air drive Inn property. These stations look a lot like a Quick trip! There will be food made to order there and 10 fueling stations. The 2nd phase of the long lake out fall project will start up in the spring to help drain long lake faster during flood stages. The first phase is finished! Officer Brousseau had surgery on his face for multiple fractures and is recovering from this horrific accident. He is doing ok. The Acoustic in the Park venue will start up in May! Sched will be available soon on our website! Ending, the Party at the Beach is in full swing and the Village has some great acts this year! We will be announcing on the first of March! Stay tuned! Thank you for being residents of Pontoon Beach! We are moving forward!!
    God Bless and be safe!
    Mayor Mike

    Deric  Sxxxx He does one hell of a job for Pontoon Beach!
    Greene Jxxx He sure does!
    Greene Jxxx  Michael Mayor has done a hell of alot for that village to move it in the right direction
    Deric Sxxx All I have heard is good feedback
    Nina Jxxx Maybe he was having a bad day, or forty things going at same time! At least he’s cleaning up Pontoon!
    Steven Ruhl Group Admin Maybe he can find time for a remedial English course.

    Steven Ruhl, how many times does your Mayor of Granite City get on social media and speak to the residents of his city?  How often does your Mayor speak publically to inform the voters of the plans he and the council have in moving Granite City forward and in a more positive direction?  

    I don't recall Mayor Hagnauer ever taking the time to do this.  In fact, I can't think of a single thing your Mayor and council have done to actually move your city forward, and in a more positive direction.  Granite City should take notes of the actions of the Mayor of Pontoon, and while at it, their council could learn a few lessons from the Board of Trustees of the village as well.

    The Mayor, and council make themselves available to the public, both in person and through social media.  That is what hard working people do, especially the ones who truly care about their residents and neighbors.

    Steven Ruhl Admin You know you are from...Facebook page rules are...
    "Play nice children. Personal attacks are not tolerated. They are in violation of group and fb standards."

    You are being extremely petty Steven Ruhl.  Perhaps it's just a case of Mayor envy.  I would rather have a Mayor who may make an occasional typo or error, that makes himself available to everyone in person and on social media to answer questions, give advice when asked, and to help when ever possible, than one you never see or hear a word from unless you can make an appointment, or attend a meeting at city hall.

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