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    Posted by poor ol elroy on February 4, 2018, 6:45 am, in reply to "Re: Homeless people "

    i personally dont know Elaine, she no doubt is a concerned citizen as we all should aspire to be.
    im told she has something to do with Nameoki Township?, if she is indeed or wants to be, I think I have a solution for this sad situation. Elaine should open up her home to these unfortunate souls and show us how benovlent a public servant she is or could be. in that case, im sure the rest of us caring citizens would not doubt have a fund raiser, or donate some money to offset her feed bill. I know I would for sure.
    the truth is, i feel we all are only about six paychecks from being homeless ourselves.
    what say you Elaine? and thank you for bringing this plight to exposure.
    Im so weak from thinking now, im goin back to bed to nap. everyone have a good superbowl day, and if anyone wants any money, stop by and pick up my bet. im going with the Pats. I always pay my bets in advance. the secret behind that is as follows. I know you will blow my money fast and you then will have to pay double. it will hurt you worse and you will learn a good lesson to not bet against me in the future, im getting weaker now............

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