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    Posted by Opie2 on January 25, 2018, 1:59 pm

    Ten years ago today I was directed to this site by a friend. He told me that I was one of the most opinionated people he knew and that I might enjoy contributing to this forum. I laughed and said, ďa gossip siteĒ? However, it was winter and things were slow so I thought what the hell.
    I observed and found some of the threads interesting. I thought Iíd join in. My friend dubbed me opinionated and thus my screen name.
    Since that time some posters have come to hate my guts. Some started out as adversaries and became allies. I found a few such as Metal that I probably wouldnít have too much in common with in ďreal lifeĒ having some of the same ideas. I actually changed some of my attitude based on getting to understand him. I chime in when Iím not needed and side with people like Clancy who obviously doesnít need my back up. LOL.
    Of course, my epic battles with the likes of Norad, Liberal, Miss Lisa were heated and at times childish. Our rants kept many of you entertained. I admittedly pushed too hard in some instances and have some regrets over some of those discussions.
    Several people on here know who I am. We get together often and they actually feed me ideas on how I can initiate some conversations or ďstir the potĒ so to speak. Iíve seen a few of our group pass from this earth during these past ten years none more missed than my pal Ronnie Burton.
    Iíve found my debates with a few of the folks like 3D and Mr. Chris most rewarding. While we differ, both are firm in their beliefs they argue with passion and intelligence and I respect their views. My old buddy WUS, who hated my guts when we first started ended up being a co-conspirator.
    Iíve really enjoyed the fiasco in the Nameoki Township and I thank Horseygirl and Blu for keeping us entertained with those posts.
    Iím a GC boy born and raised and Iíve defended my hometown with fierce stubbornness and pride. I know itís not perfect but itís home and Iíll die here. I defend the school system and while I know itís not the same as it was in my day, it provided my entire family with a base to our education that has paid dividends. I still believe we have a great park system here.
    Debate and open discussion is one of the most important rights that we as Americans possess. Weíre able to speak freely, to argue, to raise our voices without fear of censorship or retribution. We argue our points to the best of our ability. Some get angry and bail out, some fight more fiercely when challenged.
    Things change in all our lives and we never really know what awaits us in the morning. I have been so entertained by this site. I have earned the honor of the boxing glove Christmas stocking on at least four occasions. What more is left for me to do? LOL! I applaud the operators of the site and the fact that they have maintained an audience for so many years. This site in some ways is as important as the old Press Record in keeping people up to date on the happenings of our city.

    And so my friends (and adversaries), on this my tenth anniversary, I think itís time for Opinionated (Opie2) to put away his verbal sword and stop irritating others. May the good Lord bless you and your family and may you all celebrate a year of good health and prosperity.
    Ladies and Gentlemen, Opinionated has left the building

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