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    Intimidation? Who knows .. Archived Message

    Posted by Bluangel on January 23, 2018, 2:07 am

    I just have to share this.

    On Wednesday, November 22nd. at 1:20 pm, I took a call from an annoyed local resident who upon passing Nameoki Township in their car noticed the parking lot being empty. Only 2 minutes from the Township building, I drove by there to see for myself. Sure enough, the parking lot for the road department was empty and locking up the Township building was the deputy clerk. As she drove away, two cars pulled in. One woman got out as I was getting out and I told her that I thought they were closed. She said she was going to the Assessor's office and as she walked back to that section of the building I went up the sidewalk to the Township door. In the third car was a senior couple. I took a picture of the 'left early' sign, forwarding it to the person who had called and a few others. The women who went to the Assessor's office told the senior couple they were closed and we all pulled away.

    Personally, I agree with the person who called me. These people work in a government building to provide services for the public. They are gifted with numerous paid holidays that very few private workers are afforded. They enjoy two days off for Thanksgiving, who permitted these employees to abandon their duties to this community on a regular work day? There was no power outage, no freezing temperatures, no tornadoes, and not even a skeletal crew. The revenue from our taxes pay those public employees to be on the clock and we damn well expect them to be there when we have business that needs attending to!

    Now .. initially, I supported Randy Presswood in his quest for Township Supervisor, I believed his every word, but now .. I hang my head in shame because he manipulated my trust and made shady deals behind all of our backs. And what is the most tragic of all is that I was warned of this man's character more than I have fingers and toes. I like to believe that people tell the truth, but, I have only learned that you truly can trust NO ONE in this local political mad house we have going on.

    My husband, a week or so ago, received this video on his cell phone from Randy Presswood. Its of me, at the Township, taking a picture of the sign on the door. I uploaded it to Vimeo so I could share it here.


    He could be trying to intimidate me .. or he was just being the ass that I was warned about, over and over and over.

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