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    Posted by Opie2 on January 17, 2018, 5:11 pm, in reply to "Re: When Things Weren't So Modern"

    All 25 like they were yesterday. Those were indeed the "good old days". We were poor but didn't have any idea we were.

    My dad would announce when it was time for us to leave the table AND to start the dishes for our mom. When we were lucky enough to scratch up a quarter or a couple of empty soda bottles we bought some of those little wax soda bottles at the corner confectionary.

    There was no such thing as computer games or for that matter, after school t.v. We got home and either went out and played ball or got on our homework.

    It was assumed we would play at least one sport when we made it to junior high and high school. We didn't go to the store and pick out $500 pairs of Air Jordan or Nike's. We slipped on our Keds sneakers. If we were lucky we saved enough money for steel spikes when baseball season started.

    I can remember our oil furnace in the unfinished basement. I always liked seeing the tanker pull up in the drive way and the driver run the hose to the pipe on the side of the house where he filled our tank.

    Sunday was family day. Mom and dad put us in the back seat (no seat belts and first one in got to ride on the rear window deck) We rode out in the country areas and looked at houses we could never afford. We stopped at a root beer stand and got the five cent cup of root beer. Major treat in those days.

    Summer days were spent at the park pool or playing ball. If it was extremely hot we would sit on the front porch and play cards or a board game.

    I'd love for kids today to get to see that lifestyle if even for a week. They would see that we indeed were the rich ones.

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