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    Posted by Opie2 on December 31, 2017, 4:08 pm

    Well in a few hours it will be 2018. As we reflect on 2017, so many things happened in our nation, world and community.

    On a world front, NK continued to be a thorn in the side of most nations. Eventually that bug will have to be squished.

    Russia, accused of meddling in our elections, continues to laugh at the fact there has been no proof. Terror attacks continued but mostly in areas who are soft on terror.

    On a national level of course the most significant issue was the election of Donald Trump and the dismantling of the Clinton family. Never has a country been more divided and angry over the outcome of an election, other than when President Lincoln was elected.

    Record gains in the stock market have pleased those of us who participate in the market and depend on our 401 K programs. Trump is so hated by the left hat has been comedians have tried to resurrect their career by going after him. The Sea Hag Nancy Pelosi and Pocohatas Warren had to wipe the egg from their face when they proclaimed Donald would never be President.

    Nationally we also had more mass shootings giving the left another opportunity to preach gun control. Police officers, while still targets of criminals and nutjobs, were once again given respect by the White House instead of said criminals.

    A major tax break has been passed which even by CNN reviews will help the majority of Americans despite their income level. I personally see a job boom coming in 2018.

    Locally we continued to see our city fall further into decay. We didn't see one new business come to our city this year nor would we expect to with the hiring of yet another boob in the economic developer position. I must say that even though I'm a fan of the mayor, I don't understand this one. A business did close downtown and another took the public relations hit of not paying their taxes.

    We did see a high school band make state championship status, one of the positives coming out of the school district. The district took more uppercuts to the chin when the state test scores came out and once again, Coolidge Middle School tanked.

    Our park district put on another spectacular 4th of July event, one of the most positive things our city does. I'm not sure why more people don't take advantage of the parks. I know the recreation programs are almost non-existent now because everyone thinks their kid is a superstar and should play in a select league.

    All in all, we survived. I think Trump will prove his naysayers wrong (even though they'll never admit it). Clearly a change was needed when our steel mill has been shut down for nearly two years.

    Happy and Healthy New Year to all of you and your families. Start this new year right by telling your loved ones that you care about them. We never know when our number will be called so don't let a day go by without telling people you love them. Stay warm, stay safe and stay alert this year my friends.

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