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    Posted by Sara on December 24, 2017, 2:11 am

    I ran to Walgreens on Nameoki rd this evening around 6. I pulled out on the side street waiting for the traffic light to turn green. Out of no where comes this man on foot, I can see him in my side mirror walking up to my car trying to look inside.

    I had a car in front of me, I was blocked in and could not move my car. This man adjusts his hoodie and covered most of his face and had his hands in his pockets. He walks up to my drivers side window and looks inside at me and begins to look down at my door handle.

    I blasted my horn and would not let up until the car in front of me notices what is going on, and he runs the red light to get out of my way.

    I hit the gas, dodging the oncoming traffic and pull out onto Nameoki rd, then I stopped in the center lane and grabbed my phone and called 911. The man ran away from my car as I started honking the horn, and he ran behind the store.

    I remained on the phone with 911, giving a description of the man, when I noticed he had came back out of the shadows and was hiding in between parked cars and trying to sneak up on a woman who had her back to the parking lot, putting bags into her car and loading a child into a carseat.

    I pulled right back into the lot off of Nameoki Rd and began honking my horn trying to get this woman's attention. She had no idea he was about a foot behind her! She would not look up, so I started flashing my bright lights on and off, aimed right at her and this creep that had sneaked up behind her.

    I was still on the phone with 911 and they were telling me that officers were on their way, but they were still no where in sight. Finally the woman looked up to see where the horn and flashing bright lights were coming from and she turned around and threw her arms up in the air and I have no idea what she yelled at this man, but he noticed me honking and watching him, and he took off running across the street over to Ruler Foods.

    She tore off out of the parking lot, and I followed this man again. By the time I made my way across the street and into Ruler Foods parking lot, he was already hiding between cars again, stalking women that were by themselves. These women were CLUELESS they were being watched. Some had their faces buried in their phones never looking up, some had their backs to the parking lot loading groceries not concerned or paying attention to their surroundings what so ever.

    I hit my bright lights again and lit this man up like he was on a stage at a concert honking my horn pointing him out to everyone who would look at me. Now, this stalker figured out he was being watched by me. He quickly sprinted off and hid behind the gas station. I had called 911 back to give them his newest location, and they pulled into the parking lot and I pointed the guy out hidden back behind the building near the dumpsters. They got him, thank goodness!

    This guy did not scare easily. I don't know if he was after my car, or me and my car, but I do know he was up to no good. Even after I scared him off by laying on my horn and darting out onto Nameoki rd, he still eventually came back out of the shadows determined to get inside empty cars, looking into parked car windows, and bold enough to sneak up on women as they had their backs turned.

    People pay attention to your surroundings! Put your phones away and look around you. Check your car out before you get into it, especially those of you who do not lock your car doors. This creep could have easily been inside your car upon your return and you wouldn't know it. Lock your car doors, even if your only out of your car for a couple of minutes! People are desperate, watch the news, stores and banks being robbed every day. Do not be such an easy target, pay attention!

    This was a black man, around 5'10 in blue jeans, black t-shirt and black hoodie.

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