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    Posted by Wally Bunker on December 15, 2017, 9:05 pm

    Lisa Bloom horning in on George Soros territory paying women off to lie about Trump? This is simply more deep state butt hurt over an outsider winning an election that was rigged for him to lose. She should be disbarred and do 10 years in prison. Imagine someone trying that stunt on Obama, it would be the top story for 2 years minimum.
    When its sneaky, low down, phony, and self serving you can bet the Democrat party is pulling the strings. Since they control the media they normally get away with it, but how third world can these people get?
    I understand the people that despise Trump, i felt the exact same way about Obama and was of course a racist for not supporting him. (White liberals love to throw the race card around.) I often told cons when Obama was elected, this is what happens when you run clowns like John McCain.
    When you weaponize the IRS, the FBI and the DOJ as Obama did, you are in danger of turning this country into a banana republic like Venezuela. Many people understand that this is true but will never admit it because it is their side that is guilty. I get that, id probably be in denial also.
    Hillary was supposed to win and none of this was supposed to come out. Muellers job is to represent the deep state and take Trump down, which is why he surrounded himself with Clinton and Obama donors. Dont get me wrong, i respect that they are all in and will do whatever the hell they need to do in order to win. The Republicans should be one tenth that committed. The Democrats are underhanded, but they damn sure are loyal.

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