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    Posted by whatusay on December 15, 2017, 7:42 pm, in reply to "Another Semi Caused Wreck"

    Just today, 255 southbound, exiting onto 64 east, a semi truck driver no more realized than a man in the moon that we were next to him when he decided to just plow on over into our lane. We were in the right hand merge lane, he was in the left hand merge lane heading for the same exit and we were ahead of him! He hits the gas to come over into our lane and I have no idea how he could not have seen us!

    My husband laid on the horn but gave him enough room to merge in front of us (it's a two lane merge lane for quite a while). When we caught up to him on 64 what is he doing? Resting his arms on his steering wheel and texting. This is how he didn't see us. He was probably texting when he looked up and saw the sign for 64 east at the last minute and almost got us.

    I think distracted driving has now taken over drunk driving statistically. It's illegal in Illinois if you are caught on your phone, it should be immediate suspension of driving privileges if a truck driver is caught doing it.

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