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    Posted by 3Dee on December 14, 2017, 8:53 pm, in reply to "Re: Bryce Harper and Cubs?"

    Wally --

    I can't help but be a Cardinal fan...it's just what people born and raised in Granite City do...unless there is some mitigating circumstance or prevailing abnormality.

    Being that said -- there is so much I disagree with....especially in the marketing of them as the 'Best fans in Baseball' or 'Classiest Fans in Baseball'.

    It was justified in 2004 and 2005 that when all the press was so Yankee-Centric that they couldn't see beyond their rivalry with Boston --- the Cardinals were indeed underrated.

    That attention has since shifted.

    Unfortunately, when they finally get the attention they deserve as the 'model franchise' and a glorification of the 'Cardinal way'...suddenly they are not this forgotten 'Aww Shucks' entity.

    Sure -- the trade with Piscotty may have added a touch of class.

    I am not a fan of the Cardinals for any other reason than Granite City is my hometown, and there is no betraying a legacy that was built by listening to Jack Buck on the Radio. It just feels so familiar and so right to be a Cardinals fan...

    But some of their marketing is good --- until they hit a skid and get knocked off their high horse, and then suddenly, they are no more innocent than the Yankees and the most hated team in the NL...

    Milwaukee, and Cincinnatti...Pittsburgh.... join in hating the Cardinals....and for the communist cubs it just comes naturally....

    They got their attention, they got their respect --- they're a BIG market team now..even if their market is not in the Top 10.... They got their big TV contract and have eclipsed a billion in value.

    So -- St. Louis isn't this "Aww Shucks, we just didn't know how good we were" kind of team.

    Classy and knowledgeable fans are wonderful and saying "Cubs Suck" doesn't tarnish the class, as long as a Cub is applauded when he stands back up after a damn good sliding catch.

    But the moment they market classiness or it gets to their head --- no good can come from that.

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