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    Posted by 3Dee on December 12, 2017, 4:56 am, in reply to "Re: Carhartt Billionaire"

    Rauner is no Scott Walker
    Thank God for that.

    Jim Thompson and Jim Edgar were both governors who presided over the state in more prosperous time.

    They were Republicans of a bygone era that did support a more pro-business side, but were more willing to bend for the greater good.

    Madigan presided in the house chamber as well.

    In the case of Illinois --- I simply agree, Madigan has to go. No one person should ever have that much control ever. Just so you know, I despise him (politically) as much as I (politically) despise Trump, but in different ways for different reasons.

    I think there is consensus in this left-leaning state that Madigan has to go. It's pretty simple what he has to do... He keeps people in his district around Chicago Midway airport happy and takes care of them. There's an entire machine in play that keeps this system going.... Unless the people of Illinois can tell Democrats and Republicans that they must promise to vote against Madigan to get a seat, we're stuck with this until Mr. Reaper does his thing...

    Madigan, BTW, does not care if you or I like him...he doesn't have to. If you look closely, there's no facebook or twitter....no fan pages of any kind.. He seems not to need them. If i thought Don was Teflon....we've seen nothing until we get to know Madigan.

    Being that said, Rauner is no Jim Edgar or Jim Thompson ... a far cry from it.

    Rauner knew that going in. Edgar and Thompson could work with Democrats and it seemed that the affairs of the State were much better.

    I'm pretty sure that I would rather have a principled Republican as governor of Illinois (who does not reflect 90% of Republicans today) than a Democrat -- if for any other reason than balance of Power.

    We saw that with Pat Quinn. I liked Quinn in principle, but Madigan bowled him over - and I could never hear Quinn say anything that wasn't party line jibberish. He had a good heart (who wouldn't like a good bleeding heart) --- but he was overall a weak man. I couldn't tell if I was listening to Pat Quinn or a puppet master at times.

    It may have also been good that Rauner didn't have a chance to work his 'magic'. If he would have run Illinois like one of his businesses --- that would be great cause for alarm.

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