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    Posted by Opie2 on December 7, 2017, 11:00 am, in reply to "Re: I recognize that......"

    This one is laughable. Legislation passed 20 plus years ago and we're going to hammer this President for doing what could of/ should of been done by four others.

    Our embassy belongs in the capital city. We were afraid to move it for fear it would bring more tension to the Middle East. Really? There will never be peace in the Middle East folks. The warring factions hat each other and the ideals that the others carry. Carter tried to negotiate peace. Didn't work.

    This is more much ado about nothing news and Wally is right. If Trump would have backed down, the left would be accusing him of failing to keep his word.

    Do you not get it yet? This constant badgering and hammering is only making the guy stronger. Look at the last week of things happening.

    Both houses pass new tax laws in spite of a few GOP members being leery of it, they know Trump has some influence in their states.

    The temporary stay on the temporary ban is lifted by the Supreme Court by a 7-2 vote which means the permanent approval is on its way.

    The stock market continues to soar.

    The Mueller investigations are starting to look more and more like a setup and they're not even using the word collusion any longer. Now it's about obstruction which will never work against this or any POTUS.

    The democrats couldn't come together to support an impeachment vote brought on by a lunatic.

    One democratic senator and probably another are stepping down due to their sexual deviance. Moore is now getting the backing of Trump and the RNC (a big mistake in my opinion) but they realize the citizens of Alabama will decide their own fate.

    Dee, I hate to see you so worked up about this stuff. You're not going to get rid of him until 2020 at the very earliest. If some of these meaningless attacks don't stop, my guess is he'll get stronger. People love underdogs.

    And I agree with Mr. Chris. Conspiracy theories are created by people who want fifteen minutes of fame. Sandy Hook, 911, the MGM shootings were the acts of crazy people with no respect for the lives of others.

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