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    Posted by Wally Bunker on November 9, 2017, 5:59 pm, in reply to "Moore accused, big surprise."

    Several in GOP are saying if true, Moore should step down, with of course McCain saying step down anyway. Can you imagine any Democrat saying even the obvious, if this is true you should step down to any of their fellow Democrats? And no way in hell would any of them say just step down anyway which is of course as it should be. Instead the wagons would be circled and the accuser would be attacked. The Democrats dont have any John McCains and if they did, they would be around very long. Also the MSM would keep that story on the down low as much as possible and support the counter attack.
    My suggestion is very simple. In order to curtail these last minute Pearl Harbor attacks,that most often can neither be proved or disproved, force the accused and accuser to take lie detector tests, and if they clearly show the accused is guilty, toss his or her ass off the ballot. If the accuser is clearly found to be lying, give them a 3 year mandatory prison sentence, and any of their fellow plotters get the same deal.In a huge majority of these last minute set up deals, the statute of limitations has long since past thus the difference in penalties.

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