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    Posted by Wally Bunker on November 3, 2017, 3:58 pm

    Sessions got set up by the Democrats from the start. He stated that on advice of counsel within the DOJ, he should recuse himself from the "Russian Collusion" investigation. The Democrats knew they were mired in Russian collusion from the start with their paying $9 million for the dossier. We now know that Mueller knew of the shady and REAL criminal dealings going on prior to the Uranium One deal, yet purposely kept that information from Congress. Who advised Sessions? Mueller? Rosenstein Both are friends of Comey; yet it was Rosenstein who suggested to Trump that Comey be let go. Why would he do that if not to get a special prosecutor that would favor the Democrats now that Sessions was effectively rendered harmless? Trump fires Comey, then Comey leaks information to the press with the explicit intent of getting a special prosecutor to investigate Trump. Rosenstein then appoints Mueller as special prosecutor. The fox is now guarding the hen house. Sessions got played, leaving the president without a Justice Department committed to equal justice. If Trump fires Mueller, he will be damned and the Democrats know it, If he leaves Mueller in place he will be damned and the Democrats know it. This is what the Democrats do best. They don't care about America or the American people; they care about POWER and holding onto it at all costs. They acrea bout pushing leftist agenda, period. Sessions should at least appoint a special prosecutor to go after the Clinton,Russian connection, and he can certainly investigate Democrat primary rigging. I hope that isnt too tough for him.
    I know many of you will agree with this because you want to, and of course many will NOT agree with this, because you DONT want to. That in itself is pretty sad and pathetic, but i digress. Pro and Con, try to get past "You are Right," or "That is the Dumbest thing ive ever Seen." While i appreciate both sentiments at least one tiny specific would be nice even if its nonsense. And if you just dont give a rats ass, thats fine too.

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