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    Posted by Opie2 on November 1, 2017, 12:08 pm, in reply to "Re: Another Act"

    I heard Jeff Sessions say today that this latest POS should be tried as a war criminal and not afforded the due process and Miranda. Amen Mr. Sessions.

    This guy, allowed here by some lottery, set out to kill Americans at random. He left a note swearing allegiance to ISIS He screamed Allah Akbar as he fled the scene.

    He is not a civilian criminal. He is an enemy combatant and should be tried in a military court after being thoroughly interrogated (by any means necessary in my opinion) to see if he acted alone, has knowledge of other such animals within his circle of co-combatants, etc...

    Of course our former President didn't believe in such harsh treatment of terrorist. He wanted to close Gitmo and give all these animals a cheese sandwich on their way back to their homeland.

    We're in a war folks. It's against an enemy that we can't defeat. President Trump was na´ve to think they could be destroyed. We're not fighting a country with an army or leadership who can surrender to us nor are we fighting a group that knows they can defeat us. We're fighting a concept from extreme Islamic terrorist (Sorry BaracK) who simply want to kill us and disrupt our way of life. There's one way to deal with an enemy like that and that is to eliminate them as quickly as they surface.

    Our intelligence once again had some red lights about this guy. We didn't act in time. For the first time we have one of these animals in custody because he didn't have the guts to take his own life after his destruction. He should be valuable in gaining information to give us insights. He should be able to give us information about a couple of mosques (not all by any stretch )that we know breed this mentality. Then, he should be put to death.

    He followed the ISIS playbook to a T. Let's use him to find out more.

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