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    Sexual Harassment Archived Message

    Posted by Opie2 on October 22, 2017, 8:51 am

    Okay, the latest cause seems to be calling out cases of sexual harassment. Let's be honest there is a huge problem with this kind of behavior in business, education and other societal venues in our country.

    Let's also admit that it goes both ways. I've heard women talk about men in tight jeans or the size of their "hands". Let's not be totally nave to the fact that women can play the game too.

    Now for the point. I'm watching Meet The Press and I'm seeing four democratic female congresswomen talk about their experiences with being harassed. Well where have you been ladies? You're women of power Senator Warren and McCaskil. Why with your position did you wait so long to make this an issue? Because just as the senator has accused Trump of his heartless conversation with the military widow, you parasitic leeches see this as a new way to gain some political ground. We already know Senator Hiawatha Warren is a phony.

    This is too important of an issue for politicians to jump on the bandwagon and become victims. When you suddenly come out with stories after thirty years in positions of power, I call FAKE NEWS.

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