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    Posted by monkeesuncle on October 17, 2017, 9:35 pm, in reply to "Re: Where you see this city going?"

    No positive available, but in the Salvation Army's defense how can the owner of the shopping center expect any of it's tenants to pay more money when she isn't doing her part in maintaining the property?

    Personal knowledge (that shall remain nameless) tells me that requests for roof repairs fall on deaf ears with this lady. To the point she has repeatedly lied to corporate representatives about the repairs being made, when no one has even come by to inquire about the locations of said leaks.

    A few months ago there were over 20 HVAC units vandalized in the shopping center. Thankfully for the tenants, insurance covered replacements. However, Dollar Tree's roof leaks so bad at the front of their store they've had to turn their new HVAC unit off near the registers due to the fact it just runs right back into the store.

    Couple this with reduced lot maintenance lately, weekends find the trash cans in the shopping center to be overflowing and the center looks even more embarrassing.

    I'd be interested to see what happens when their lease is due for renewal, if they don't sign you could see that entire leg of the shopping center sitting completely empty. Perhaps that is what she is after? Who knows maybe she has a demolition in mind? Maybe that'd be most beneficial, everyone knows the center is past the point of outdated.

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