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    Posted by Transparency on October 4, 2017, 6:10 pm

    When is the last time your Economic Developer James Amos actually conducted business from his office in City Hall? I've heard he now has an assistant, is this true? Are my taxes paying for him to delegate responsibility from the confines of his home while wearing athletic shorts or sweats?

    Is he dreaming up more useless committees with his feet propped on the coffee table? Committees he is hoping will do the work he is paid to be doing?

    Is he still approving all the posts on the Granite City social media page "Granite City Stories" through his pet business "Push Media"? Establishing digital promotion of our beloved Granite City is not that difficult, and could be handled by himself (considering he would do this from home) or by his now paid assistant. Why is the city paying for the services of Push Media?

    A more important question is why is the owner of Push Media allowed to promote her private business on the Granite City Stories page? And more importantly still, why is our Mr. Amos approving it?

    Does Mr. Amos plan on extending an invitation to all privately owned businesses in Granite City to promote their establishments on the city's social media accounts?

    What a cherry job you have handed this kid. Does he drive a city car as well? Does he receive health insurance? Why is he allowed perks to promote his favorite businesses on a Granite City Stories FB page that will not even allow anyone to comment on it? And he has a handful of favorite businesses: Push Media, Happy Trails and Kool Beanz. Why does Mr. Amos allow for Happy Trails Farm to be promoted on the tax funded Granite City Stores? That business is a private enterprise, which means FOR PERSONAL PROFIT AND GAIN. No where do they call themselves Non-profit, the advertisement below does not say "fundraiser". Push Media is also a private business!

    Mr. Mayor I'll conclude this by suggesting you reel in your little guy, hold him accountable for doing some actual "economic developing" and shut down this preferential social media shit where by Push Media is PUSHING her own business with our taxes.

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