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    Posted by 3Dee on September 24, 2017, 7:27 pm, in reply to "Respecting the Anthem"

    Well, it was photoshopped and proven false on snopes...mistakes happen.

    All the same - Trump is just fanning the flames of his base and further making those who are not his base hate him all the more. What a way to lead.

    He forgot that he truly was not the person people elected to be president and is damn lucky to have gotten there by the vote of the electoral college --- He and many other thin-skinned snowflakes want to pretend it was a mandate --- showing a map full of empty counties painted red. He won in the right places, and people cannot dispute it.

    I have a similar view to him .... either it be a personnel issue that the team honors the anthem --- or quit with the anthem during sports events.

    Truly, while I have no problem with the Anthem and will stand like a decent human being should -- I did not come to the park for a political statement. I came to watch people hit a ball, crack some skulls, or scoot a puck down the ice. So if the anthem is controversial - either take a stand and make it policy -- or scrap it altogether.

    As a citizen in the stands....they are the ones with the right to sit or stand and be as free as they want to be as long as it is in good taste and doesn't offend. (Yes in a ballpark - it's okay to ask that fans do not act offensive - there are limits to free speech.)

    The team - and all employees - are accountable to team and league policy. I for one think it is selfish---and people are not acting in accord with the team.

    I may have a viewpoint similar to Trump on this one issue --- but he is the commander in chief and he is the president of all United Statesians.

    Even when I agree with a stand he takes, he still has to get his man-child fingers on his tweeter and name-call people.

    I can do that, I'm a nobody. He's supposedly a leader....but remains a tyrant in how he carries himself.

    Calling someone a SOB for not standing for the Anthem?

    They may be wrong....and while I dislike what they are doing to our flag and anthem... I am not the leader.

    Shouldn't a 'leader' try to work against the injustices?

    Such are the times we live in. Insecurities at the top.

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