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    Posted by Opie2 on September 22, 2017, 1:47 pm, in reply to "Re: Still better than this damn sign"

    Of course the sign on the Trump tower was paid for by him, not taxpayers. I understand though. We can't let a good chance go by to bash Trump.

    I wonder how many liberals have considered suicide since January 20. Seems like so many hurt feelings and people who think the world is ending. I wonder how many gays Trump has made turn straight. I wonder how many ILLEGALS have been deported. I wonder how many trannies have stopped using the wrong restroom. Hmmm. I thought he would end those things immediately according to CNN.

    Let's see, the guy got great reviews from normal people in both parties for his actions during the hurricanes. He told a fat pudgy ass little dictator to stop threatening us or to prepare to meet his daddy. China is getting off their ass and initiating sanctions against NK and the rest of the UN might think Trump is a crazy man but he got their attention. Could the "Don" be making the needle move? He is actually starting to understand that the only way to get things done is bi partisanship. He actually has Pelosi smiling once in a while.

    Yeah, he's a loose cannon. Yeah, he talks out his ass on many a day. Yeah, he isn't going to get Mexico to build that wall on their peso. But guess what folks, he's there for three more years. We can whine, cry, make fun of him through memes but we can't change history.

    His approval ratings went up ten points among independent voters last week according to the WSJ.

    But hey, I get it. He's an orange haired, loud mouth with a drop dead gorgeous immigrant wife who has more class in her shoe than Michelle had in her whole body. He's a billionaire at the expense of some people that he obviously stepped on. He made that money in the private world and not in politics like Obama and Clinton. I wonder whose money has more dirt on it.

    I've sat by and watched the man called every name in the book by the snowflakes. I've seen his family ridiculed including his ten year old son by skanky a$$ Hollywood millionaires. I've seen him investigated numerous times and yet no findings of guilt. He stands up to it.

    In other words, the whining, crying snowflakes have almost turned me into a Trump fan. The guy has balls. My stocks have done well. I feel safer from a nuclear threat and illegal border crossings are down. All in all, a good day.

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