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    Posted by LimitedOut on September 20, 2017, 7:37 pm

    To the hard working business owners and their employees, and patrons.  Also, to the community minded residents, please remember your elected officials during these difficult and trying times.

    We have all watched the press conferences held by the Governor of Missouri and Mayor of the city of St. Louis.  During these press conferences they have repeatedly informed the public of their intent to protect the rights of the protestors.  They have made it perfectly clear that peaceful protests will be allowed and protected, as to not infringe on the constitutional rights of the people.  

    In their efforts to insure this protection, it seems the lines that divide abiding by the laws, and breaking the laws have became blurred.  In Missouri it is against the law to block a road, or to interfere with traffic. (Intentionally impeding traffic is against the law, period.)

    You may approach pedestrians with leaflets, newspapers, petitions and requests for donations. (But you cannot prevent people from getting by or walking away, and should leave them alone if asked to do so. You cannot block building entrances). Doing so is breaking the law.

    These protests can take place on any private property where the owner gives permission (the owner always decides) and in any area open to the public, such as streets, sidewalks, town squares or parks. (If you plan to or actually block passage on a street or sidewalk, you must apply for a permit).

    Although these laws are very clear, why are they allowing protestors to break these laws?

    Where is the protection of the rights for these business owners and their potential customers?

    Why are our officials allowing these protestors to block roadway?  Why are they allowing these protestors to stop people from getting to and from their places of employment?  Why are they allowing these protestors to force the shut down of businesses as big as entire Malls, to small Mom and Pop types of establishments?  

    The intent of these protestors are quite clear, as they scream and chant these messages during these disruptions on these businesses.  "No justice, no profits".  What happened to disturbing the peace laws, or trespassing laws?  Why are the elected officials such as the Governor and the Mayor allowing protestors to hurt our economy and the lively hood of the employees and people who own and operate these businesses?

    How would the Mayor and the Governor react if the protestors blocked their driveways and pathways refusing to allow them to pass?  Would they tolerate and protect the rights of these protestors if they blocked their entrance in and out of their homes or places of employment?  How tolerant would they be if this tolerance effected their paychecks in a negative way?

    No police officer should give an order to “disperse” unless someone is at a “riot” or “the scene of an unlawful assembly .(Such as blocking traffic or roadways with out a permit.)   If you are at such a scene, you must first be given an order to disperse. You must obey such an order.  If you do not do so, you may be arrested, even if you are not committing acts of violence. 

    Again, where is the protection for the business owners and law abiding citizens?  

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