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    Matheny didnt give Adams and Leake away. Archived Message

    Posted by Wally Bunker on August 31, 2017, 3:56 pm, in reply to "If you want Stanton."

    Pham and Lynn have already voiced their displeasure in the Leake give a way, and id bet they were simply the only ones willing to step forward. Adams has for the most part been crushing the ball since going to Atlanta, and while hardly a gold glover on first is better than Carpenter.
    Leake started the season very well and has only since the break been on the decline. Lynn notes you just dont trade a 200 innings pitcher for a minor league shortstop, even one that is struggling.
    I get it i get it, lets just blame Matheny since the Golden child, Molina spouted off on his social media account. The team probably just wished that the Front Office had helped them out during this on again, off again playoff race.
    I see trouble in paradise, i dont think the players are all that thrilled with the so called, Cardinal way about now. they see some other teams actually trying to improve the rosters and they see the Card execs sitting on their asses and doing nothing.
    I doubt Lynn comes back and he damn sure wont be giving any home town discounts to these people. Stanton i dont see either because hes making way too much for the Cardinals to pay, especially after over paying Fowler, Molina and Piscotty. They have tried to include Piscotty in talks with the Marlins for Stanton and the Marlins just arent interested in another teams mistake. Piscotty is a AAA ball player.
    The playoffs seem to be just out of reach for this team,despite the teasing a few weeks ago that suggested differently. I think many players are wondering what could have been, and i dont think they are blaming Matheny, but they are blaming the higher ups.

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