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    Posted by Opie2 on August 21, 2017, 4:05 pm, in reply to "Re: What An Embarrassment "

    The GCSD board stopped attending that convention years ago UNLESS the member wanted to pay their own way.

    The arrogance of that broad in Venice is disturbing. " We the board members have a right". Really? What gives you that right lady?

    She also said other districts around her have fewer students. Hmmm, any other district around have less than a hundred students. Their buildings are in better shape? Well, when you only have one, it should be easier to take care of it.

    You want to send one member to bring back information? That would probably be acceptable. Sending all and each spending an average of $3000,00 is ridiculous. You can stay at the best hotel in Chi-Town for $300 a night. You can eat the finest meal on Michigan Avenue for $125.00. So where does the rest of the three grand go hun?

    It goes to liquor they bring back home with them and to bar tabs. Yeah, that's educational. Then, and this is only a guess, they don't fill out their travel reports and pocket the money.

    Venice should have been merged with Madison long ago It won't be long before the students who aren't already sneaking into GC school are allowed to come here legally.

    Madame President, you lady are the reason people hate government. You should be ashamed because after all, YOU DIDN'T PAY FOR IT!

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