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    Re: Twp. GA Fund purchases Scented Wax Cubes Archived Message

    Posted by Radio Head on August 13, 2017, 5:48 pm, in reply to "Twp. GA Fund purchases Scented Wax Cubes"

    This looks like a personal shopping trip. Ain't now way they would hand a blank check to a General Assistant recipient.

    Shredded Cheese
    Edy Ice Cream
    Second kind of Ice Cream
    Jimmy Dean product (think I saw that sitting on her desk)
    2 Burg Beef Stews?
    Vitamin D Milk
    Blueberry Philly Cream Cheese
    Chicken Tenders?
    Plenty of Dannon Yogurts
    Lender's Bagels
    Garlic Butter
    Sinus Medicine

    I'll just stop there. The grand total $91.13.
    Think if someone did this just one a month for four years.

    Almost $4800, and that's just if this was done once time a month for the four years they have had the check book in their hands. I suspect it was done alot more than that.

    The FBI arrested and hauled out the Pontoon Beach Water District dude for stealing about that much.

    And no one has said a word about those monthly checks for travel expenses for the General Assistance employee without requiring any travel documentation, and it looks like they were tax free cause they weren't included in her paycheck. I can't remember which paragraph that's in from the audit.

    Tip of the iceburg here people? Mr. Presswood? MR. PRESSWOOD!!!!!!! You ordered the audit, what do you have to say?

    And all the trustees who are sitting there again this term, and the one who is now in the highway department as commissioner. Why did you approve these expenses during your required audit of the GA fund?

    Oooops, guess they forgot to audit or just looked the other way?


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