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    Posted by Poor ol elroy on August 9, 2017, 7:19 pm, in reply to "Re: IsThere A Plan?"

    News flash for y'all
    There are hundreds of empty homes and businesses in our town., Pontoon Beach has very few empties, and the homes are sold almost immediately. I know this for a fact
    Unfortunately my 37 homes are in granite city. And, I might add, the inspectors hold my wife's feet to the fire. She manages them all. Good renters are extremely hard to come by, and if you tell me you're a preacher your name goes to the bottom of the list.
    There are homes in Pontoon that have sold for as much as $225,000. Find one in Granite city that would bring that today and I might I add I am ashamed to make that statement but it is true . I personally think as I've stated earlier the average Granite city residents attitude has to change we have to or we should be proud to be from here .
    I was in Edwardsville about a year ago I was shopping in a major store in front of me at the cashier there was a young trashy couple pajama pants 100 or so tattoos snaggletooth and I was almost a shame to stand by them .
    When they left the cashier said to the other cashier, lol, you can tell those two are from Granite city .
    I paid for my merchandised talk my tail between my legs and slithered out of the store with a heavy heart full well knowing the truth about my town .
    I would love to have a discussion on here as to what we could do realistically speaking to make a better way too much work for this all tired brain it's Cigar time, hand me my 6x60 Perdomo habana with the Connecticut wrapper please

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