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    Really Getting Tired Of It Archived Message

    Posted by Opie2 on August 5, 2017, 7:44 pm

    Drove around town today for one reason and another. I am so disgusted tonight at some of the business operators in our community.

    The new CVS Pharmacy gets the top P.O. Opie award. Here the city bends over backwards to accommodate them and while they built a nice building, they are already letting the grass out front die and weeds are overtaking the landscape. That's a bad manager.

    Of course you drive by the China Buffet and you feel better about CVS in some regards. Their landscape and parking lot look like a war zone. Weeds all over the place, faded blacktop and potholes. Hey, take some of that leftover dried out rice and fill your holes Mr. Chang.

    The Long John Silvers here was once the top unit in the state. They seemed to take pride not only in their food but in the building as well. Now, the paints all faded on the outside, the weeds are running wild and the place looks like it could close any day. I realize they're in front of the shopping center that still has a sign up for the Soul Food restaurant Sweetie Pies.

    Let's turn right (after going under our 30 million dollar overpass) onto Pontoon Road and venture down toward Maryville Road. The Catholic Church has more grass in the parking lot than they do in their fields. There's a little computer repair place near the corner that has more weeds than rocks in the landscape and grass has grown over the sidewalk from the parking lot to the front door that now, they appear to drop the blade and cut the sidewalk out.

    Let's move on across Maryville and take a look at the convenience store that was once a Hucks and then a Tobacco Road. In short, it's a dump.

    As I head toward home, I see the new church operating next to Logan School. I believe it's part of the Methodist churches and a program called TWIGS? Dead branches all over the lot. Grass growing over the curbs and sidewalks. Grass growing up in the parking lot.

    Starting to see the picture? These businesses (not including the church) make money here. We all give them our earnings in return for their services. However, they have no vested interest here and no emotional ties. They take their money and say, "it's just Granite City".

    I mentioned but a few businesses. You can add places like Enterprise Leasing, the Payday Loan places (2) on Nameoki to the list of lazy ass property owners.

    These people should be cited by our city officials.

    And oh yes, need I even mention Lams Garden?

    Pathetic and embarrassing.

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