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    Posted by Stevie Rice on July 31, 2017, 3:19 pm, in reply to "Granite City Cinema"

    The Granite City Cinema is doing great and will continue to bring people in. The two bussinesses in reference were closed by voluntary decisions made by owners. In ailleos case, the owner chose to retire. Grandkids keep coming and he just got married. Wanted more time with family,in Kool Beanz case,the owner was shut down by the IRS by her irresponsibility to pay her taxes and are having a hard time keeping staff due to her shady dealings. Lasalle's is doing great,there's a bookstore/vinyl shop thats cool, a antique/floral shop,a bath salts,spiritual shop,jerrys...I could go on and on. Do not spread negativity about our beautiful theatre and downtown area which many of us frequent! Have a great day

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