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    Molinas feelings hurt. Archived Message

    Posted by Wally Bunker on July 28, 2017, 6:26 pm

    As a non Cardinal fan i think i can look at this without bias. Matheny didnt say anything that warranted the response by Molina. Molina signed a long term deal paying him more than he is worth, so he figures he can make things difficult for Matheny if he should CHOOSE to want his feelings to be hurt. Yadi gets confused sometimes and thinks he is the equal to Albert in his prime.
    What this is really about is that the team has called up Carson Kelly and Molina has taken that move personally. So that made him extra sensitive to Mathenys comments that could hardly be seen as an attack.
    I dont see Matheny as being a great manager, but at the same time, Molinas best days are way way way back in his rear view mirror. IMO the team could get along just fine without either of them, but of course 99% of the fans will support the player over the manager. In the end i see them watching the playoffs on TV either way.
    The team seems to have some nice young players, but then again wasnt Diaz supposed to be a superstar according to many?

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