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    Re: Tammy and Elaine, the race that is under the radar. Archived Message

    Posted by Radio Head on March 29, 2017, 5:43 pm, in reply to "Tammy and Elaine, the race that is under the radar. "

    I will be voting for Elaine specifically against Tammy Hanfelder. One municipal full time job on the Glen Carbon road crew AND being paid a full time salary for the few hours a week she manages to show up in the assessor's office. That doesnt work for me. Plus according Ron Farrington she lives in Grafton and the Erwins are registered voters at her house, he says they are renters.

    Too much shade on Hanfelder for my liking. I'll be voting for Elaine and so will my family and friends. The Hanfelder Luehmann family connections, thats another reason I wont be putting a check next to her.

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