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    Posted by Rootsniners on March 27, 2017, 3:42 pm, in reply to "Riding the Wave"

    Opie, I for one am glad President Trump dropped his pursuit of repealing and replacing Obama Care this go around. His actions provide me the assurance that I did not vote for another politician and he could care less about being a friend to those in the Good Ole Boys Club. The a-typical politician would have continued to push, arm twist, and beat up on party constituents until they gave in and passed it. Then proceed to ram another worthless piece of crap legislation (Obama Care) down our throats for the simple pursuit of being able to proclaim they got something accomplished, regardless of its content, cost, and good for the country or the American people. Precisely the actions that the Obama administration Democrats and some Republicans did during the 8 years of their “We are in Charge” policies. In President Trump, I see a stout businessman with the courage and big enough gonads to sit back and watch these unsustainable policies implode on themselves. Then an only then will we Trump supporters be able to sit back and watch the Democrats comically try and defend and come up with the millions of excuses why this healthcare law failed. What’s even funnier is the Democrats are all smiles thinking they actually defeated President Trump’s healthcare reform, when truth be known, he just set all of these so called geniuses up for a big fall. His unwavering patients and willingness to let this heath care law die a slow death will be it's demise. I'm curious to see how long it will take the Obama Demorats to start jumping the Obama Care ship when it starts taking on water and listing?

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