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    Posted by Opie2 on March 27, 2017, 1:09 pm, in reply to "Re: Riding the Wave"

    I heard Joe Biden say in an interview this morning that, "he would have been the best candidate". Maybe so Joe. However, it was apparent the way that the democratic leadership torpedoed Bernie Sanders that they weren't going to let anyone steal Hillary's thunder. Well, anyone but Trump.

    What we're seeing is a continuation of interference political agendas. Obama dealt with it for six of his eight years and now Trump is dealing with it. It's only hurting people at our level.

    Health Care: Leave it alone. IF it implodes, blame it on Obama and his party and then try to fix it with some compromised effort.

    Immigration? It's a mess. If you support the activity of sanctuary cities, you have to live with your decision when one of the illegals rapes or murders someone. If we, as legal citizens, harbor a fugitive we face charges. Cities can harbor and protect illegals who have committed crimes and expect no retaliation? Not any longer.

    Potential Wars: One is coming. We have the fat little bastard in N. Korea mocking us and threatening more nuclear testing. It's just a matter of time before that lunatic goes off. We can ignore the middle east and let it erupt into a full scale war. Of course, there are chances that the radicals there would then be in charge of the entire region including the nuclear arsenal. If we can use diplomacy, fine. If not, "speak softly and go upside your enemy's head with a big stick".

    The economy is part of the roller coaster you speak of Dee. Clearly the impact Trump had immediately was based on his promises and outlook. I know I made some serious money in January and February. The downturn now is temporary. I see construction going on everywhere. I see companies folding. It's all part of the natural order and as you know, the economy always fixes itself with very little help from a boob in the WH, no matter what party.

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