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    Posted by Bluangel on March 26, 2017, 2:14 pm

    I'm not going to get in a tic for tack pissing match with the people running the front office of the Township. I have endured their rude and insolent behavior for 3 years now, not only to me, but to other elected officials and even the residents of the Township. Their retaliatory actions by halting vital communications between departments has obstructed the execution of the duties and responsibilities of the Road Department. If you would like to talk to me directly, please feel free. I don't need to know your identity, call anonymously, our home phone is listed.

    It is the right of every citizen, granted to them by Illinois law to expose wrongdoing, fraud, corruption and/or waste. The Illinois Whistleblower Act protects every citizen, including state and local government employees when they blow the whistle on government corruption.

    ĽAn employee may not be retaliated against for disclosing suspected violations of state or federal law to a government or law enforcement agency. The employee's suspicion does not need to actually be true, nor is the employee required to prove conclusively that the violation happened.

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