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    Posted by Opie2 on March 25, 2017, 2:23 pm

    With the circus at the township being the main focus, there hasn't been much said about school board candidates.

    There was a profile of all the candidates in the AdVantage. Interesting comments by some of them.

    Mrs. Knogle who ran at least one other time seems to think neighborhood schools are needed. Well that would be awesome if it was 1960. She wants to save money on bussing.

    Unfortunately, laws and rules change. Kids are bussed now if they live a mile from their school. I can't imagine the number of buildings the district would need to house all kids less than a mile from their homes. All the kids in Donna Lynn and Emerald Meadows are eligible for bussing. Would she propose building a school nearer those neighborhoods? They could reopen Lake School as an elementary building for the kids who live at KP. Oh wait, they would have to be bussed as well.

    I like the idea of all kids living close to the school they go to but it's no longer feasible in our community. Parkview is a great example. Kids from the two Section 8 apartments as well as those in and around Mockingbird Lane could walk to that school. Unfortunately there aren't enough kids left in these neighborhoods to fill half that building.

    Yes, kids ride busses now. Yes, it's a shame that some of those kids are on busses for over 45 minutes a day. However, if the alternative is to build more multi-million dollar schools, she's got no clue of finances in the district and the state.

    I've heard many good things about the Jones kid. He was too young in my opinion his first time out but in speaking with district officials and employees, he is a pretty level headed young man so he gets the nod from me.

    Ms. Hagnauer knows education. A long time teacher and administrator, I believe she knows her stuff. She stood tall on relocating the early childhood school so she can make tough calls. That's important to me so she gets the nod.

    I don't know Mrs. Argueles. (sp) I do know she has taken a chance on opening a business downtown which shows she cares about the community and is invested here. For that reason, she gets my third nod.

    The other two ladies running are attorneys. You know what they say about attorneys. LOL. I'll leave the fourth spot blank.

    Please go out and vote no matter who you support. Please read the ballot instructions. You get to vote for up to four people in the school election and multiple candidates in Pontoon and Nameoki.

    Don't leave a blank unless you don't have an opinion on the person and please don't waste a vote just because you think you have to vote for someone. Nothing wrong with leaving a blank because you don't know anything about the candidates.

    Early voting is underway. The election is April 4. Please vote or don't complain about the way our city is being run.

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