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    Posted by Radio Head on March 24, 2017, 5:54 pm, in reply to "Re: Hey Blu,"

    Thats exactly what it says. I would be handing your mail man his butt on a tray if he continued to deliver anything addressed to the Highway Department into that front office for it to be lost, pitched in the trash, or opened and copied for Nick by these poor excuses for humans in that place.

    Nick has surely grown quiet all of a sudden, he knows he is caught and probably guilty of something as well. I don't think colluding with government employees who are paid by our taxes to influence an election can be totally legal.

    Particularly if mail fraud, wire fraud (FAX and email) are involved. Someone should FOIA the email accounts, just watch the news to know, it's a federal crime to delete government email that can be easily retrieved by forensic software or at the ISP or server level. The same with text messages.

    Played and used Nick, played and used. Are you willing to be the fall guy?

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