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    Re: halfway heroin house at Lake School Archived Message

    Posted by whatusay on June 24, 2016, 10:25 pm, in reply to "halfway heroin house at Lake School"

    A half-way house for heroin addicts is bad enough. The school board hiring two new administrators, and possibly handing out salary increases to current administrators or teachers is totally unacceptable in my opinion.

    If it's union contract negotiating time for the teachers, the board needs to think long and hard about any changes in the existing contract.

    And if they are truly considering salary increases for administrators, I don't think of any of them would be seated on that board again.

    They slid under the radar with the last "salary adjustments" for administrators just months after stumping for a damn tax referendum that failed. Life as we knew it would no longer continue to exist if they didn't get that referendum passed...only to hand out raises on the sly when it didn't.

    Then borrowed money to operate the district, and it raised our taxes, which I didn't care for, but I'll live. But if they think they are going to use those borrowed funds, at my expense, to raise salaries...oh Lord, that's not going to wash with me or any other person in this town with reasonable intelligence.

    Our children are now facing a major upheaval this coming school year with the closing of how many schools? And we need more administrators? Can someone explain that please?

    The mill is idled, most taxpayers are not racking up raises in the private sector merely in hopes of remaining employed, so WHY THE HELL would the administrators and staff think they are entitled, regardless of being privately contracted (the administrators) or demanded and negotiated for by the teachers?

    I'm waiting for these administrators to step up and take one for the district salary wise, because they sure the hell expect us to bite the financial bullet. And the same for the teachers.

    Let the teachers strike, let the admins look elsewhere for employment! What are they going to do, apply in another district? HAHAHAHAAAAA, good luck with that.

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